Various finishes of a cast iron radiator

A Step By Step Guide To Refurbishing Cast Iron Radiators

Wondering if you have what it takes for refurbishing cast iron radiators? Keep reading for four easy steps you can follow!

1. Obtain a Radiator

If your home doesn’t actually have a radiator you can makeover, you may have to hunt one down. Check out your local recycling plant or even scrap yard. You can also search on eBay because most people want them out of their house.

Be prepared with some help to transport your radiator. They are very heavy.

Make sure you know what size radiator will be best to heat your home. Depending on the space of your room, you will need one at a specific height.

2. Sandblast

Because they have become unpopular, any radiator you pick up is likely to have multiple layers of paint on it. Even if you are a professional at DIY projects involving paint, DON’T try to strip the paint yourself.

Even using chemicals and steel wool, older paint is often very difficult to remove. If you try, you will just waste a lot of time and risk injuring yourself.

Your best bet? Find a sandblasting service that has experience with refurbishing cast iron radiators. Do a quick Google search, check reviews, and leave it to a pro.

3. Add Polish and Varnish

Sandblasted cast iron can rust easily, so it’s important to add varnish immediately. Varnish or polish is a better choice than paint because paint tends to crack from heat.

After all the work you’ve done so far, you want to avoid any possible cracking.

Speak with associates at a paint and varnish store. They can ensure you get a mixture that will be heat resistant and last for many years.

4. Find Additional Parts

This step is not always necessary, but sometimes with old cast iron radiators, certain pieces will go missing. Before you can actually use your refinished radiator, you might have to go part hunting.

Many can be found at your local DIY store, but if you have a really old one, it could prove more difficult. A common piece you may need to also add is a steam valve.

These are easy to find, but require some finesse to get them set correctly. They need to allow air out, but not any hot water.

Once you collect everything you need, find a professional to do the installation. This will ensure all connections are proper and safe.

Refurbishing Cast Iron Radiators to Find Your Style

You are ready to transform an old radiator into the perfect conversation piece after learning these five steps.

If you are looking for some more tips on buying a radiator for a project, check out our helpful guide.

What style will you go for your with your radiator? Let us know in the comments!

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