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Radiator BTU Calculator For UK Central Heating

Avoid making the mistake of purchasing an underpowered radiator for a room and being cold all winter. It might look great but if it’s not the right size it will struggle to get the room up to temperature and your boiler will have to work much harder, costing you more.

By inputting your dimensions into the handy BTU calculator (British Thermal Unit) below you will know in BTU’s and Watts the output required for the room and for the central heating to work efficiently. You can then decide whether a single radiator or multiple radiators are required to adequately heat the space.

Radiator BTU Calculator

1. Unit of measurement
Metric (metres) Imperial (feet)
2. Room dimensions
Room height:
Room width:
Room length:
Window Area x 2:
3. Room type:
4. What's below the room?
5. What's above the room?
6. Type of outside wall:
7. Type of window:
8. Number of outside walls:

Once you’ve got the value we would always recommend choosing radiators slightly higher rated than the value required. You can always turn the heat down with the thermostat or through the use of hydrostatic valves.

All of the radiators in our product catalogue include the BTU / Watt output, choosing the correct product for your room with our radiator BTU calculator has never been easier.

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