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Radiator Placement: The Ultimate Guide for Where to Put a Radiator

Are you in the process of purchasing a new radiator? Well, where you place your new radiator is crucial. If you position it in the wrong place, you’ll end up with an inefficient heating system that will cost you big in the long run.

Want to know the ins-and-outs of radiator placement? In this article, we’ll share the “dos” and “don’ts” of radiator placement, so you can get the most out of your radiator.

What to Know About Radiator Placement

Not sure which room to put your radiator in? Here are some general radiator tips and words of caution to help you make the most informed decision.

Place Your Radiator Under a Window

Is your house prone to cold drafts? If so, you may want to place your radiator under your window. This will target any cold drafts coming through the window, and make sure that heat is evenly dispersed throughout the room.

This placement is especially effective if you live in a house with single-glazed windows, which are more susceptible to cold drafts. If you have a home with better insulation and double-glazed windows, this placement may not be necessary.

Position Your Radiator on a North-Facing Wall

Did you know that walls that face the north are generally colder because they receive less sun? For this reason, you may want to position your radiator on the inside of this kind of wall. This will prevent cold air from radiating around the room, and it’ll be more effective than an east-facing wall placement that is already warm from the sun.

Keep Your Radiator Away from Furniture

If you’re not a fan of how radiators look, you may be tempted to try to hide it behind a piece of furniture like a sofa. This will only prevent your radiator from spreading heat and working to its fullest. Doing this could also potentially trick your room’s thermostat into thinking the room is at the right temperature, causing it to turn off, which is ultimately ineffective.

You should also avoid placing your radiator behind a radiator cabinet. This may seem effective, but it will ultimately block out a lot of heat, which will cause you to spend more money for less heat.

Today, there are many sleek and modern radiator options, so if you’re not happy with the option you’re looking at, keep exploring until you find a style that works for your space.

Keep Your Radiator Away from Curtains

Another important thing to avoid is placing your radiator next to your curtains. If you do this, you’ll ultimately push out of the window instead of into the room and deplete the radiator’s power.

You risk experiencing safety issues if the radiator ever short-circuits next to curtains.

Final Thoughts on Radiator Placement

When it comes to heating your home, radiator placement means everything in maximizing your heat and energy usage. By following the placement tips and tricks in this article, you can find the perfect spot for your radiator.

Regardless of where you place your radiator, it’s important to perform regular maintenance work on it to make sure everything is working properly. Here are some radiator tips for proper maintenance.

Are you in need of a radiator? Not sure how to start your search? Check out our traditional column radiators to find an option that works for you!

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