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What Does Smart Technology Mean for Your Home Heating?

Technology is all about making our lives easier, and the latest wave is known as smart technology. It’s called “smart” technology because it can recognize patterns and save you some programming time.

Smart technology has reached nearly every part of the home, but smart heating is one of the most popular choices. It can help you make the best use of your home radiator system, so read on for all the basics.

What is Smart Heating?

Smart technology for heating and cooling usually comes in the form of a special thermostat.

There are many types of smart thermostats, and they each have their own features. Regardless, they all share the benefit of learning your patterns and making the best use of your heating and cooling.

They can integrate with a standard combi boiler and central heating setup or even an Infrared Panel installation.

What Can Smart Heating Do for Me?

The benefits of smart thermostats depend on the specific model you choose, but here some of the possibilities:

Provide the Temperature Where You Want, When You Want

Smart thermostats learn your habits and patterns to program temperature changes based on your needs. For instance, if you’re away every weekday from 8:00am to 6:00pm, your heating system can run less during this time.

Some systems can even adjust based on each room’s occupancy using motion sensors. For example, if the sensors notice that your kitchen is the only occupied room, the thermostat can activate your kitchen radiator while turning off radiators in other rooms.

Each smart thermostat detects and controls your heating system in its own ways. Some learn based on your manual adjustments, such as when you turn the temperature down at night. Others communicate with systems like motion sensors or the location on your phone to detect when you’re home or away. You can choose a smart thermostat based on the most useful system for you.

Lower Your Energy Usage

One of the most measurable benefits of a smart thermostat is the lower energy usage. By only heating your home when and where it’s necessary, you’ll lower your energy bill and do the planet a favor.

In addition to keeping your usage low, some smart thermostats can actually track your usage as well. You can set your own goals and adjust your settings to maintain them.

Monitor Your Maintenance Needs

Several smart thermostats can also keep an eye on your heating system and alert you to its needs. If it’s time to change a filter or have your system serviced, your smart thermostat can let you know.

Not only can this keep your air quality healthy, but it can save you a small fortune by preventing more serious damage.

Buying a Smart Heating System

If you’re interested in a smart thermostat for your home, the key is shopping around and doing your research. Compare each thermostat and see which one has the features you want.

Most importantly, find a thermostat that’s compatible with your current heating system. Or you could use it as an opportunity to update your heating system. If you aren’t sure how to find a compatible one, contact our radiator experts for guidance.

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