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What is a Dual-Fuel Radiator?

Don’t you love feeling warm and cosy? But during the harsh winter season, feeling that nice, the warm feeling becomes more difficult. And there are times when your heater gives out or isn’t providing enough warm air.

This is true in the bathroom. You get out of a warm shower, only to be cold as you step out of your shower.

If this sounds like you, you’ll benefit from dual-fuel radiators. These radiators leave out cold air and insulate warmth in your home. Especially for the northerners, who experience extreme winters when it’s almost close to summer.

Don’t let the winter cold get you down! If you’re ready to replace your traditional heater, keep on reading. Here’s your dual-fuel radiator guide and why you need one in your home.

What is a Dual-Fuel Radiator?

A dual-fuel radiator is a power source that heats up your bathroom and your towels.

The “dual” in this name comes from the fact that this radiator gets its power from two different ways. You can link this radiator to your central heating system and a power outlet.

This means dual-fuel radiators can heat up quick. Whether you plug it into a power outlet or it’s linked to your home’s energy source, you can always expect a warm bathroom.

The Benefits

As you can tell, dual-fuel radiators have a ton of benefits. Warm towels aren’t your only benefit. Here are a few additional benefits.

  • You’ll save energy
  • You can choose between electrical power and central heating power
  • Temperature control
  • You can use this radiator all year
  • Can heat a variety of different objects

No matter when or where you can have warm towels and other objects.

Uses of Dual-Fuel Radiators

The dual-fuel radiator’s main use is heating up your towels. The radiator looks like a traditional towel rack.

When your towels wrap around the racks, the heat encompasses your towels. You won’t feel cold after your shower for long; you’ll wrap up with a warm towel, feeling the warmth run through your body.

But don’t think this is a dual-fuel radiator’s only use. Are you spending all day shovelling snow? Heat your clothes on the radiator.

Fold them over the rack the way you would a towel, leave them on for a half hour, and you’ll have toasty clothes when you’re out in the snow.

You can also heat up pads or smaller towels when you experience pain. When heat is applied to an area, it helps decrease your pain. Rather than heating a towel or pad in the microwave, use your radiator.

Time to Buy Dual-Fuel Radiators

If you want one of the most innovative heating devices, choose a dual-fuel radiator. These can attach to your electrical outlet or your central heating system.

They commonly heat your towels after a shower or bath but can be used to heat clothes and pain pads.

If you want the most warmth during the winter, invest in dual-fuel radiators.

If you want the highest quality radiators, take a look at our products.

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