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Electric Towel Rails

Electric towel rails for bathrooms are the perfect solution for drying towels during the summer months when a plumbed in central heating system is generally switched off. Simply switch on as and when required, dry your towels or heat the bathroom then switch off, lowering fuel bills and emissions.

Our wall mounted electric bathroom radiators are available in many popular sizes including some slimline designs to fit into the smallest of bathroom spaces. The size you choose affects the heat output. Generally the bigger the radiator the higher the heat output.

It's important to know that while BTU ratings are supplied for some models most electric towel rails measure heat output in watts. The higher the number the more adept that product will be at heating larger spaces more easily.

Not so long ago electric models were only available in chrome. Now manufacturers have started offering coloured options like anthracite. There are also options on round or square rung tubing that will compliment any bathroom.

Some towel radiators have a simple on/off switch while others are available with a built-in thermostat. This allows you to get just the right temperature and maintain it. Some models will also allow timer functions. Take control of your heating by installing an electric towel rail for your bathroom.

If you're not ready to install an all-electric model then consider one of our dual fuel towel radiators to get the best of both worlds.

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£462.00 £99.99

This is the electric only version of the 500mm wide Phoenix Athena towel rail

In stock

£257.58 £124.99
Most electric towel rails on the market have straight rails. This model from the Kartell KVIT range incorporates subtle curved towel rails. The curved...
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£254.52 £139.99
Who says electric towel rails all have to be chrome? This inexpensive example from Essential has the looks to suit a modern bathroom with its beautiful...
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£315.00 £159.99
Simple pre-filled electric towel warmers from Essential. There are 2 models to choose from both 480mm wide, slightly narrower than the 500mm industry...
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£446.00 £179.99
This wonderful range of pre-filled electric towel rails from Nuie offers something for every bathroom. There are 2 widths and 3 heights to choose...
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£478.80 £199.99
This is an electric towel rail for the 21st century. The Evo comes with a modern anthracite finish that looks stunning against white or bold coloured walls....
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£478.80 £209.99
The Essential Evo is a premium electric towel rail with a built-in thermostat. Instead of having to fiddle with a tiny rotary adjuster, modern temperature...
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