Phoenix Complete Underfloor Heating Kit

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Whether you want to use underfloor heating as your primary heating source or just for added comfort the running costs are extremely attractive. At only a 1p per hour per square metre if you're about to install a tiled floor then electric underfloor heating is worth considering. These kits from Phoenix can be installed in kitchens, hallways, porches or bathrooms and you can truly appreciate the warmth added when walking on with bare feet, cold tiled floors are a thing of the past.

There are 9 sizes to choose from to suit most spaces furthermore up to 2 kits can be combined for heating of larger spaces or more specific sizes. Installation is also made foolproof with the inclusion of a digital multimeter, basically a circuit tester so you can test for any problems prior to laying tiles and avoid any costly mistakes. The kit also comes with a digital thermostat so you can set the timer for when you desire heat the most, perhaps for when you get up in the morning or on your return from work. One of the best underfloor heating solutions made affordable in a simple kit format including everything required to reliably install.

  • Low running costs at a 1p an hour per sqm aprox
  • 2 kits can be combined for flexibility on size
  • Includes a digital multimeter circuit tester for ease of installation
  • Includes a digital programmable thermostat
  • ME001 - Area 1.0sqm - 150W / m2 / Watts 150
  • ME002 - Area 1.5sqm - 150W / m2 / Watts 225
  • ME003 - Area 2.0sqm - 150W / m2 / Watts 300
  • ME004 - Area 3.0sqm - 150W / m2 / Watts 450
  • ME005 - Area 4.0sqm - 150W / m2 / Watts 600
  • ME006 - Area 5.0sqm - 150W / m2 / Watts 750
  • ME007 - Area 6.0sqm - 150W / m2 / Watts 900
  • ME008 - Area 7.0sqm - 150W / m2 / Watts 1050
  • ME009 - Area 8.0sqm - 150W / m2 / Watts 1200

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