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Vertical Radiators

Vertical radiators are the answer to providing warmth and comfort in the most awkward of spaces. Say goodbye to those ugly wide panel radiators that consume acres of wall space. Say hello to the space saving properties of those tall verticals. Whether you have a cramped kitchen, a tight knit living space or a spatially challenged hallway there is a long, tall radiator option available.

With radiators from 1200 to over 2000mm tall available these styles harness the unused space of your walls. Furthermore, even the narrowest of designs can still have high heat outputs. Multi panel options can produce as much as 10,000 BTU’s per hour keeping your home toasty and comfortable.

This level of convenience doesn’t mean settling for inferior looks either. All our vertical designer radiators incorporate cutting edge looks and finishes. From gloss white and black to daring red and contemporary anthracite finishes, we have it all. Some products even incorporate slim mirrors so they can double as an additional useful device.

All the products on offer are name brands including the likes of Hudson Reed, Phoenix and Ultraheat. They’re all cast and built to strict standards with genuine manufacturers guarantees.

What are you waiting for? View our inspirational collection now.

£3,476.55 £990.90

Perfect for children’s bedrooms, playrooms and nurseries the Aeon Abacus makes something fun and unique out of what is basically something otherwise boring to kids.

In stock

£578.99 £299.99
You can tell most radiators by their appearance. They sit on the floor, have fins and tend to all look the same. Not so with the Aquatech Merano Flat Panel...
In stock

£920.00 £689.99

Hudson Reed Ceylon vertical flat panel radiator in white or black.

In stock

£491.00 £193.50

Colloseum triple column radiator in 8 different sizes and a generous BTU output

In stock

£524.00 £331.99

A mirror radiator combination in anthracite that looks just beautiful.

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£249.00 £158.50

The narrow Hudson Reed Revive is perfect for installing in the slimmest of spaces anywhere in your home.

In stock

£366.00 £219.99

Phoenix Ava square bodied panel radiator with floor and wall mounted options.

In stock

£729.00 £348.00

Phoenix Lilly white colosseum designer radiator.

In stock

£369.00 £279.99
The chrome of the Louise radiators reflects light beautifully, this is a real centre piece for any room of your home. The Phoenix Louise is actually...
In stock

£328.00 £189.00

Phoenix Mia tubular chrome radiators with floor and wall mounted options.

In stock

£438.00 £206.99

Phoenix Orla flat panel designer radiator.

In stock

£268.00 £222.00

Phoenix Tower panel radiator, availible in white and 2 different sizes.

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